Letting you in on a secret!!!!!!!!!

Letting you in on a secret a litto secret

Trust without Boarderz

The thing with secrets is that we all have them, one or two or more! we keep secrets for different reasons but the most common one is the one that says “I am protecting the people who I love.” I mean that’s true to some extent and it is also a lame excuse to continue to keep things hidden and not face reality. Not all secrets are bad and not all are good. I feel like keeping secrets isn’t always about the people we love, it’s mostly about us, we are worried about ourselves more than the ones we are hiding things from! We worry about what they think of us? What will happen next? How will our relationship be if they know about this? We hold onto our secrets so dearly and we protect them with maximum security so no one, absolutely none, not even our best friend gets…

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